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visualize me

I love infographics. National Geographic Magazine has published so many well designed infographics and I’m always amazed by them. Late last year, I was told about this, the website that can create your infographic resume. is a startup based in Toronto, Canada which is currently developing an online application that can automatically turn LinkedIn profile into an online infographic.

Though it is still a beta service, the impression I got was quite nice and has the potential to be useful. The graphics are automatically generated through logging in with Linkedin. You can edit, add, or remove some info. There are some themes you can choose from and you also can customise the background, colour, and fonts.

I like what it currently does. However, I don’t think I would use it as a resume I post or bring to companies I apply for a job. I feel that it is not quite informative enough to show your experience and skills yet. I think it is great for adding to your website and get attentions.

It is still quite fun to see what it can do with your data. I’m looking forward to seeing how it develops more. You can see my resume here.


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thanks for share!

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